• Building or Renovating?

    Whether you’re building your dream home, doing that renovation or extension you’ve dreamed about for years or anything in between, it can be a challenge to navigate the steps involved. With RAP Finance by your side, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.
  • Buying a Home?

    Whether you’re a first home buyer, tenth home buyer, upsizing, downsizing or anything in between, buying a home can be both exhilarating and exhausting. RAP Finance mortgage brokers support you in navigating the thousands of loan options from a huge array of banks to ensure you find the best way to support your move, current financial situation and future wealth creation goals.
  • Buying an Investment Property?

    Thinking of joining the 1 in 10 Australians who own an investment property? Whilst buying an investment property isn’t a ticket to immediate wealth, it can be a great way to increase your assets over time and provide financial security for the future.

    How much and how quickly an investment property helps you reach your financial goals depends on how your investment is managed. With an experienced broker by your side, you can put yourself in a position to invest in a property with surprisingly low ongoing costs.

  • Need a commercial, development or construction loan?

    Planning a residential or commercial development project anywhere in Australia? Whether you are a first- or fifth time developer, the team at RAP Finance will use their extensive experience to support you deciding your finance options.

  • Borrowing Whilst Self-Employed

    Banks have a legal responsibility to ensure that a borrower can demonstrate ability to meet their repayments. As a self-employed borrower, you’ll need to provide evidence including credit rating, past income and earning potential. A mortgage broker can help you navigate the documentation required when applying for a loan to ensure you have access to the right loan for you.

  • Refinancing

    Navigating the ever-changing property market can be a challenge. A broker can help you understand and assess your different options and support you to select a financial structure that is right for you and your long-term economic goals.

  • Using your Self-Managed Super Fund to Acquire a Loan

    Did you know that in 2007 the law changed to allow a SMSF to apply for a loan with the intention of purchasing an investment asset? Using an SMSF, you are able to borrow money to purchase residential or commercial property, shares or managed funds. Make an appointment with one of our RAP Finance brokers us to find out how.

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